athletic-ish club

Welcome to the Emily Carr Athletic-ish page!

What we’re about:

We’re not so much into exercise, but we know it’s good for us and blah blah blah, so we find ways to make it easy and fun.
This is a feel-good, non-judgemental, stress-free club that is open to all students who want to move, groove and improve their mental and physical health.

The Club will support you by:

1. Providing a different workout every Monday at 4:15pm. The workouts will be fun and engaging: Zumba, Hip Hop dance, Bollywood Fitness, Aerobics, Dance Bootcamp, and more!

2. Inviting you to participate in Wellness Challenges, and rewarding your efforts (participants will be entered into prize draws)

3. Cheering you on as you take steps towards a healthier mind and body.

4. Providing you with resources and tools that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

Join us!

We will upload a newsletter here every 2 weeks. To sign up to receive the newsletter directly to your email, contact Justine at